One of those rollercoaster days

It was just one of those days today.  A good amount of highs, laughs, and wins but I couldn’t keep it up all day.  Broke down and got really frustrated close to bedtime when Little A went a little ham with running away and not listening. I try not to stay on it too much to have negativity but I’ve found that replaying the situation for what I should have done helps me for next time. I try different reenactments and role playing so I can be on top of it for the future. In this case, I was doing something time sensitive.  I just expected Little A to continue playing like she was but without me…obviously that was a total dream, lol.  I should have set us up better for success with a different toy, taken her outback to get some fresh air, her playing in the shower while I had to be on my laptop, even just counting to 5 to breathe or reminding myself that I am SO lucky that my daughter wants to play with me would have helped greatly! It’s all about having a more thankful and loving life.

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