Pro Tip For Traveling

Everyone hates getting through security only to be incredibly thirsty and need to purchase a $6 small water bottle right?  No need!!! Bring your empty drink container and then fill up at a water fountain.  Most airports that I have been to have these and it even has the number of plastic water bottles that one has saved 🙂 Want some ice? Just go to any of the restaurants and ask for some.  I haven’t had anyone make a comment yet about free ice.  Then I have ice for my flight and at least the first day of the trip as well since it keeps it cold for a long time.

Other tips for packing: I bring my reusable ziplocks and a beeswax cloth so that if I need to grab something or take a togo snack at breakfast…I have something! I also don’t buy travel size items.  You can find food grade silicone travel size containers.  They are SUPER easy to clean afterwards!  If I don’t use the whole thing on my trip, I just finish it up when I get home, wash it out with hot water and some castile soap then let dry before I put it back in my travel bag! They’re also great to double up as condiment containers for your to go meals or spices!

PSA: My almonds got me pulled over in security. We both laughed so hard the machine picked that up to search! He was like almonds in a makeup bag? No, it’s a reusable ziplock! He was impressed 🙂

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