That feeling

That feeling when you walk in your house from being out of town….and it’s totally clean 🙂 I won’t get sick of this feeling guys.  It’s so nice to have a tidy house because we have less to clean up after. We spent the whole evening at home and only had to tidy up 10 minutes with no arguing.  Bliss. Later this month, there’s going to be a quite large change in one of our rooms.  It’s going to be a huge empty room essentially. Little A is getting a play kitchen though so that will go in there as well as some of her toys from the family room.  It’ll be nice to clear out the family room even more. My office will be cleared out halfway too so that will be great to work on my planner in there more compared to bringing my stuff to table to work on it.  My goal is be able to go from room to room and smile because it’s just calming.  I do need to get some greenery in each of our rooms though.  I think it’ll be good for Little A to have something to take care of and that will provide more oxygen in our home.

Journey to Minimalism
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