San Jose Stadium

I went to the Pac 12 Championship with my friend this last weekend.  It was so much fun!  Sometimes though when I go to events, I get twitchy looking at all of the waste.  There’s just SO much of it.  It’s really crazy to me how many plastic straws, containers, food not composted, etc that they go through for just ONE event and then there’s so many events each night all over the world.  Totally a sad thought right? Look around the next time you’re at an event or a birthday party for the amount of trash it creates!! So just as I was getting sad, I saw this sign in the bathroom and get super excited! That’s great that they use recycled water!

Without realizing or even thinking about it – in most cities, the water in your toilet and your sink is drinkable water which takes a lot of energy to do and super wasteful in most instances not at home! In addition to this, they also had some plastic cups that were made from recycled materials.  So kudos to this stadium!!

When we redo our bathroom eventually, I plan to have a sink over our toilet.  This will be used when washing our hands/face so what’s called grey water goes into our toilet to used again. It won’t be a HUGE impact just in our house but think of the impact we would have if more people did it!

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