Through my house organization, I made two gift cabinets!  I can have two since I have empty cabinets haha!  One is for kids and the other is for adults.  When I see some good sales of useful items, I’ll pick them up and put them in the cabinets for later or items I purchased/received but never actually used.  In each cabinet, I have “artwork” created by Little A.  I have some pre done so it says Happy Birthday! Love, Little A. Others, I leave blank to do right then if it’s for Christmas or another event.  It’s a great idea because 1. you’re reusing items from crafts at home or at school and saving them from the recycling/trash 2. you’re saving money on a bought card 3. you’re also saving the environment from that bought card – the resources to make it, the resources to recycle it or the landfill 4. convenience since it’s already ready for you 5. no stress! I also have wrapping items in the cabinets. I’ll put bags from the gifts I receive or if I will reuse packaging I receive in an online order.

Today, Little A had a birthday party. No stress! I went to the cabinet, picked out the gift, wrapping, and the card! BAM! I have the same pen handy, so I had her add the friend’s name for more personalization. I guide her writing on all of it since she’s not old enough but I feel like it gives the extra personal touch 😉

I was talking to one of my friends at the party – she was like ugh, stressful morning getting them ready, trying to get a gift and I forgot the card!  I was like well let me tell you girlfriend! A couple others forgot cards too! No stress fun morning for us!!

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