Christmas Time Decor

Oh man, does my family love Christmas.  Every holiday with my Grama was essentially out of control with decor.  I remember growing up and being annoyed that I had to go help her put up the decorations.  I didn’t even help as much as my cousins did but I was still so annoyed at all the work and time that went into every holiday for it.  Christmas was SO much compared to the rest of the holidays.  Don’t get me wrong, it was magical as a little kid but then I realized how much freaking work it all was! We ended up leaving the tree up because it was so massive and took so long to do just the right way.  I was really relieved after that but there were still so many things all over we had to put up! Fast forward when I got my own house – no holiday decor with the exception of the one year after we got married.  Family kept giving me Christmas stuff and honestly, I just kept in the shed because I didn’t want to make them feel bad but I also did not care to put it up.  I kept getting the wait until you have kids Sarah…just wait.  Well the first two years, we didn’t have a tree. She was little and it was just going to be super annoying with trying to take everything off.   I knew this year we would have to get one though.  So on coupon at Costco, I got a tree!  I took out everything that my family gave me/what I bought on sale one year when we got married.  I put everything I kept in one rubbermaid.  It had all of the decor,  ornaments, stockings, holders, and lights. The rest of it went into boxes for the next yard sale and if it doesn’t get sold…it’ll be donated!  It took a couple hours to do that and decorate!  We went from no decor at all to our tree up before Thanksgiving, haha!  It was all because it was easy and joyful.  I’ve realized it’s finding the right balance for yourself and your family.  I hope to find a basket on sale to use instead of a tree skirt so we can use the basket year round and one less item in the rubbermaid.  We plan to make an ornament each year and eventually, get rid of all the store bought ones that have no actual memories. Except for the curly icicle ones…they will stay since they make me happy haha!

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