2018 Theme

This year, I’m trying something new.  I have no resolutions because well, they’re great for 2 weeks but then they fizz because you have no actual plan of attack of carrying through.  This year, I chose a theme for my year and goals to get me there.  My 2018 Theme is Live Intentional. Yeah okay, but what the heck does that mean Sarah? I want to live by purpose, to respond instead of react, making thoughtful choices for my family and myself, embrace life and it’s quirky turns, acceptance, have a meaningful and fulfilling life, have love instead of fear, leave behind a legacy…essentially live life as today could be my last day. I want to live life waking up in the morning knowing that today is brand new .  I can make it just the same day, same stuff, same mediocre decisions, OR I could make intentional choices knowing I am furthering myself and my family to a better life full of smiles and love.

What we if lived in a world that didn’t dread the word Monday? Our society literally loathes the first 5 days of the week just trying to get to the weekend. Counting down the minutes and hours to get that ride home on Fridays.  Out of 365 days of the year, we look forward to 104 days plus whatever vacation time we take off.  When you think of it that way, it sounds awful to live our lives like that!

I researched out how to live intentional more and these were my favorite bullet points of it:

  • Write out your ideal day and year.  Once you have your ideal day, write out your ideal year with things/places/people/whatever you want involved.   After doing that, make sure your goal is to do more of those things and less of everything else that is not listed…ya know, like facebooking for a few hours a day!
  • Habit tracker.  I have a habit tracker I used most days.  Some days, it gets too chaotic to keep track of every single thing on there but usually since I know what’s on there, I end up doing almost all of them anyways.  The reason why I love this is because it keeps me on track for my daily goals.  The weeks that I forget to write it out, I’ve noticed I’m not as happier!  Example ideas: Quality time with your child(ren), enjoy sunshine, smile at a stranger, find joy, say what you love, focus on breathing for 5 minutes, saying thank you for my health, meditate, say affirmations, tidy house, read a chapter in a book, do something for your spouse or significant other, stretch, workout, skew toys, floss, and in bed by x time.
  • Expressing gratitude. My monthly challenge this month is to say thank you for my health every day.  I even have Little A say it too.  It’s interesting how you’re never thankful for that until you’re sick or receive a diagnosis.  If you believe in what comes around goes around, karma, or what The Secret is founded on, you’ll realize that this is an important step in life.  I’ve been making sure to thank people more and smile more.  I truly believe it makes a difference in the world!
  • Knowing yourself and living in the moment.  I feel like these go hand in hand with each other.  When you are more connected to yourself, you can live in the moment more.  Figure out what you love about yourself, what you love to do, who you love to be around, what/who makes you want to live more, etc.  Once you have those things and your ideal day checklist,  you’ll be able to live in the moment more without the worry of every day things even though you’re still doing them.  We live in a society that is constantly the hustle and bustle grind.  We have to make more money to buy more things and we can live a “better life” later.  What if there was no later though?  How do you get to that point of enjoying your Mondays? Once I sat down and really started to think as to why I react the ways I do about certain things, I started to realize that I could stop it before/as it’s happening if I really wanted to.  The days that I focus on that, I am happier!
  • Decluttering your life.  This is a huge one for me because as soon as I started decluttering my life, I was able to live the moment more because I had more time to do things I loved.  I’ve gone through our house a few times over the past year and I love it so much more because I’m spending more time with my family and less time cleaning up after stuff.  Get rid of things you don’t use or need, people who aren’t on the same path as you, toxic habits (ahem Facebook), and anything that is taking your valuable time away from your ideal day. I deleted my Facebook app a couple weeks ago and while it’s taken a lot to get used to it, I’m much happier intentionally going to my computer to post something.  Mindless scrolling was wasting too much of my valuable time.  I do find myself on it too much on my computer at night so I’m starting to set a limit when I log on.
  • Breathing.  Simple. You probably chuckled at this one right? You would think it’s easy but it’s a hard practice!  I challenge you to do 5 minutes of focusing on your breathing a day! With every choice, you have a period of time before that choice.  You can pause, breathe, and respond instead of react.  Unless it’s a full emergency of having my runner toddler running into danger…I have the choice to take a breath and respond to her the way that I know in my heart I want to parent her. Totally hard to do though!  I have many times during the day when I get frustrated.  Some days are harder than others but I know I’m making huge strides with this one by just intentional breathing.  By knowing myself, I can see when I’m getting triggered and when I need to just close my eyes and take some breaths to respond and not react.  Little A takes breaths with me now to calm the both of us down.  It’s not an exact science but I would like to believe we lose our shit a lot less now haha!
  • Embracing imperfections and forgiveness. This is where I struggle.  Hardcore.  I tend to be the person who gets mad and stays mad/off the rest of the day.  That was until I was told if someone stole $10 out of your wallet, would you just give them the rest of your wallet just because they took that $10?  Heck no, right? So why would I give the rest of my time that day just because I was upset for 10 minutes? I’m going to make the intentional choice to NOT waste my days, give forgiveness to myself or others and enjoy life. Giving forgiveness to myself and embracing my imperfections are big ones because I want to be the best mom to Little A. She deserves so much. Going through Postpartum Depression and Anxiety, I felt like I was a horrible mom.  It took me so long (2 yrs exactly) to realize that I WAS an amazing mom. If I can forgive myself for those 2 years, I can heal and live in the moment.  So what if I cuss, yell sometimes, get frustrated multiple times a day because well she’s a toddler, and whatever else I don’t do perfect.  If we all lead a PERFECT life, it would be boring and not worth living.  Who the hell knows was perfect is anyways since we all have our own definitions of it.

From this, I took my year into focus: What I want to leave behind this year, what are the things I want to learn this year, books I want to read, how I will improve myself this year, what would it look like if this year went perfectly, what would I have/be/do?  Then I made goals for this year and month.  I’ll make monthly goals, then take off the those to make my weekly goals along with my habit tracker. I have a monthly challenge as well.   It won’t all be perfect but I’m going to embrace those imperfections 😉

Happy New Year!

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