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I’m SO excited for this y’all! As I’ve been doing more research on brands and companies that stand for what I believe in also, I found a lovely company called Earth Hero! They were unbelievably kind and gave me a discount promo code for my followers!  So much of what we buy today is made without thinking of tomorrow (tons of plastic, yuck)!  As consumers, it’s ridiculously hard to sift through the hundreds of companies to see who is making a difference in the world.  Lucky for us, we don’t have to!  The items Earth Hero carry protect our world’s future and I LOVE that.  I love how simple their website is and actually tells you how that product you’re looking at made a difference already just in production!

A lot of you have been asking where to start your more sustainable journey.  They’ve made it easy for your with these starter kits. Even better? Use ALOHAECO as a promo code for 10% off your purchase anytime you order anything!

You can cut down A HUGE portion of plastic waste by using produce bags, reusable grocery bags, bamboo utensils, bees wax cloth, and a food canister. I use all of those but by different brands before I realized there were brands out there that use recycled materials in productions.  When I need to replace or purchase gifts, I’ll definitely be using these brands from Earth Hero.  Think of all the plastic you use with produce bags and grocery bags every single week.  A lot of grocery stores give you a credit for using your own bags too!  Here’s my fork out of my To-Go Ware Utensil Set.  I carry Little A’s and mine in my bag with an extra set for Derek because his set stays in his lunch bag.  We love using these and they’re nice and compact!  I have the 5 packs as well for us to have a few to rotate through since we use them often – not to mention the rest of my family loves to use them too! I’ll often make a large salad like this for me to go somewhere and just put a bees wax cloth over it since it’s an old stainless steel bowl with no lid.  I love my bees wax cloths for cheese, snacks, apples, anything at all!  You can even make a little envelope with it to keep your goodies in there.  I use food canisters for anything that gets smashed easily on the go.  Everything in this pack is super easy care too 🙂
Shop the Earth Hero starter kits here

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